Ungrateful c**ts

Posted by Christie Malry on April 15, 2012 at 3:31 pm

Yes, I know I'm not meant to be here. But I can't let this go. Nick Dearden of the Jubilee Debt Campaign and John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network, writing in the Guardian and quoted by Ritchie:

Far from building accountability and democracy, philanthropy will only ever allow the funding of “pet projects”.

OK, so we should get back in touch with the family of Andrew Carnegie and tell them that we don't really want their pet libraries or other gifts? Tell Bill Gates his efforts to reduce poverty in Africa are merely his pet project and not in the public interest?   We should deny the great achievements of the Wellcome Trust, the J Paul Getty Trust and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute?

There are two words to describe spiteful people like Dearden, Christensen and Ritchie. That's "ungrateful" and "cunts". The lot of them. Because only an ungrateful cunt could ever claim that the world-changing generosity of the big philanthropists is anything other than totally remarkable, and that we would be better off if only all that money had been spent by government instead.

Now back to my break.

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