Government created tax avoidance

Posted by Christie Malry on December 6, 2012 at 10:35 am

Ritchie's at it again, claiming that the government is knowingly creating a tax avoidance abuse, in the area of employee share schemes.

Now, as Ritchie likes to remind us, tax avoidance is "getting round tax law to obtain an advantage parliament did not intend". But that's not what we have here. Instead, we have a government proposal which will some day be presented as a bill before Parliament. Once voted on, it will become the will of Parliament.

The figures that Ritchie and his TUC buddy present are the costs of introducing this policy compared to the current tax law. It is entirely wrong to describe these amounts as "avoidance". It's what Parliament wants so, by definition, cannot be avoidance. (Oxy)morons.

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