What's the "right" level of HMRC litigation?

Posted by Christie Malry on February 20, 2013 at 10:53 pm

Accountancy Age reports that HMRC has issued only seven fines in the last five years to tax avoidance scheme promoters for failure to report properly under DOTAS.

In the article, Bloomsbury Tax suggests that this is evidence that the problem of tax avoidance is overblown.

Elsewhere, Ritchie says that HMRC's low use of some of its powers demonstrates that HMRC isn't serious about tackling avoidance.

And, indeed, these facts are consistent with both hypotheses. So who is right?

OK, it's hard to resist putting the boot into Ritchie. But I don't think lots and lots of litigation would be evidence of a healthy, well-functioning tax system, do you?

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