A moral profession?

Posted by Christie Malry on January 14, 2012 at 11:03 pm

Tonight, I caught a bit of Frank Skinner doing a standup show on tv for no particular reason whatsoever. During his show he picks on a woman in the audience called Jean, who tells him she's a nurse. After berating the audience for not applauding her, he describes nursing as a 'moral profession'.

So, because your humble blogger is always at work, whether I like it or not, this set me thinking as to whether Skinner would think of accountancy as a moral profession. It certainly ought to be thought of as one, because its core purpose includes enabling people to trust information that might otherwise be untrustworthy.

So, is accountancy a moral profession? Why? Why not? If not, what professions would you describe as moral? And why?

My opinion, in case you were wondering,  is that we are. But that's not to say that the profession doesn't need to continuously improve and develop to live up to the changing standards demanded of it by society.