Johnny Depp on tax avoidance by the mega rich

Posted by Christie Malry on November 7, 2011 at 9:30 am

Johnny Depp on his strange living arrangements:

What? Hang on a minute; why did he leave France? He makes a sour noise, part grunt, part hurrumph. "Cos France wanted a piece of me. They wanted me to become a permanent resident. Permanent residency status – which changes everything. They just want," and he mimes peeling off notes in his palm. "Dough. Money."

If Depp spends more than 183 days in France, he explains indignantly, he'd have to start paying income tax. "I'm certainly not ready to give up my American citizenship. You don't have to give up your American citizenship," he adds sarcastically, but then he'd have to pay tax in both countries, "so you essentially work for free."

Is there anyone alive who still doesn't understand that the interaction between national tax systems can sometimes create perverse effects, and that rich, highly mobile individuals will seek to minimise these effects as best they can?

Will #ukuncut now boycott or occupy Hollywood in protest?